Monogramming is available in upper case letters only. Full stops or grammatical signs are not able to be monogrammed. The process of monogramming involves gold foil being hot-stamped into leather. Please note that due to the textured surface of our grained leathers, small breaks may appear in the foil stamping. 

Some letters may appear to look slightly different in size due to their shape containing angles and curves. The space between letters is always the same and is measured from the very end point on one letter to the very beginning point on the next. The letters A, V & W for example can appear further away from a preceding letter due to their sloping form. 

Monogramming features at the top or bottom centre of most of our handbags and accessories.

Gold foil stamping will fade and even disappear with time. This is expedited when rubbed against other surfaces or if it comes into contact with heat, harsh sunlight and chemicals including perfume.

As leather is a natural product and can vary from piece to piece, the gold foil takes differently to each leather and this can also affect its longevity.

Please allow up to five working days for your item to be monogrammed.

Please double check your initials and monogramming preferences before placing your order – we are not responsible for any typographical mistakes. Once your order confirmation has been sent, no changes are permitted. 

Items that have been monogrammed cannot be refunded or exchanged.